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Lights and lenses and…

As far as listing our services and what we CAN do for our clients, it would be easier for us to list what we CAN’T do…

But since you’re here, we’ll list some of the things we’ve been busiest with…
ID pictures of all kinds, printed while you wait!
Passport, PAL, Citizenship, Visa, First Nation’s Status Cards, Pilot’s license…

You name it, we can print and deliver them in minutes.

Digital photography of anything. Really, anything!

From newborn babies curled up on Dad’s hands to a group shot of all the people you work with. All with the option of real time, instant previewing in the studio during, and/or after the studio session. If you’ve got an idea for a unique photograph, give us a call.
Instant preview and print ordering after studio or location photo session.

A consultation in our sales area will allow you to settle on your favourite shot, edit the cropping and retouching levels and leave our facility knowing your “pre-approved” print is only days away. Through private web site galleries your whole family can order prints, no matter how far away they are, through the magic of a private inter-net address.

Digital Photography; in studio, on location, in the air or underground.
Our clients dictate what they want and need, and we do what it takes to deliver. Any style, any theme.

Do you have an idea for a unique, one-of-a-kind image? Give us a call for a consultation or a brainstorming session to discuss how to make your idea reality.

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