Digital & Retouching

retouchingParts and Pixels and Photoshop…

Optimizing of Digital Files
Got an image that needs a little TLC or a little “tweak” to make it really pop? A slight correction of contrast or colour can make an amazing difference. We’ll help you get that image you saw in your mind onto the wall by taking your digital files, and retouching them, to make them the very best they can possibly be before going to the printer.

Artistic retouching and augmentation services.
Stepping beyond the subtle retouching we do for print orders, we can further elevate an image to the next level becoming a work of digital art. From the slight reduction of wrinkles, to making you look like a flawless movie star on a poster, you, the client, can control and direct us to create exactly what you want!

Reproduction and rebuilding of client’s images.
Old heirloom family photographs can be digitally scanned or photographed and rebuilt to correct damage and/or aging. Preserve your family’s history by having us recreate your images to print or recorded as digital files to a storage device of your choosing. Don’t let priceless and irreplaceable images of generations past just fade away. Preserve them for future generations.

Archival printing.
A simple phrase that means a lot, and something we do automatically. All the papers and inks we, or our labs use, are guaranteed to last at least 100 years, even the canvas mounted prints. Can you say the same about the prints coming out of your printer?

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