L-O-V-EBabies grow up amazingly quickly. One day their eyes are blue, and the next their eyes are hazel.

DSCF3929We take special care when photographing infants by warming the camera room, and timing our photo session to co-incide with the baby’s happiest part of the day. Or, depending on the style of portrait the parents want, we may schedule the session right around feeding or nap time, so our subject can literally sleep comfortably through the photo session.

We encourage parents to bring in items with special meaning to be included in the portrait. Dad’s old teddy bear, or a blanket Grandma made when Mom was a baby are two quick examples.

Imagine a picture of a baby asleep on Mom’s shoulder, or a classic black and white of a newborn curled up in Dad’s outstretched hands.

DSCF3882-1If the baby is a little older, and they can lift their heads, imagine a naked baby on a white, fuzzy rug. The classic “bare bum,” full length portrait with a big smile is easy to “picture.”

It’s important to make the time to capture their innocence and small size as soon as possible because it seems you only get one chance. You wouldn’t believe how many times we hear parents say they regret not having newborn portraits done. Don’t be the parent who regrets for years because they didn’t take a minute to call us.

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