Montages, or scrapbooking as most know it. Is the careful selection of images, placed together in one frame or page to tell a story. It is not limited to weddings, or family pictures. We like to tell a story with them, one that allows the subject to shine.

pasta-1That is one of the most excting tasks to do for a client. Photograph the subject(s) then put a selection of photographs, with “props” and selective cropping to tell a story. Our archival printer allows us to print on archival 13″ x 19″ paper with archival inks. With a little trimming we have our 12″ x 12″ page to slide into the scrapbook!

Another favourite is “Spaghetti is Best!”. These photos weren’t taken in the studio, but at a Spaghetti Dinner. The candids were approved by the mother, and then assembled, and presented to the family. To our delight, they loved it and so did the child’s Italian grandmother!


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